Zoll AED Plus Pediatric Pads
Zoll AED Plus Pediatric Pads
Zoll AED Plus Pediatric Pads

Zoll AED Plus Pediatric Pads

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Zoll AED Plus

The Zoll AED Plus and Zoll AED Pro can use CPR-D (adult, 5 year life) pads, Stat-Padz II (adult, 2 year life) or Pedi-Padz II (pediatric, 2 year life).

Any of the pads on this page will work properly with both the AED Plus and AED Pro.

Zoll CPR-D Pads

These are the pads that were shipped with your AED Plus when you received.  At an average cost of $38.40 per year ($192 cost for new pads divided by a 5 year shelf life)  they are relatively inexpensive.  They include a one-piece defibrillation and CPR system with compression, depth and rate sensors.  The pads are supplied with gloves, barrier mask, scissors, razor, wet wipe and dry wipe.

Price: $192.00 


Zoll Stat Padz II (Adult, 2 year pads)

Note:  These pads do not provide CPR feedback (compression depth and pace).  If you want these abilities in a Zoll AED Adult Pad, please purchase the CPR-D pads above.

These are two year shelf-life adult pads for use with the Zoll AED Plus and Zoll AED PRO automated external defibrillators.

Price: $64.00 


ZOLL Pedi-Padz II Pediatric Pads

Designed for use with both the ZOLL AED Plus and ZOLL AED PRO automatic external defibrillators. 

The AED automatically recognizes when the Pedi-Padz II are connected and reduces the energy charge to a pediatric level.

  • Voice and text prompts inform rescuers that Pedi-padz II are connected, ensuring that the proper electrodes are being used.
  • Separate and specific algorithms designed for children are used to analyze a young victim’s heart rhythm, as a child’s heart rhythms vary from an adults.
  • With Pedi-padz II, the AED Plus/AED Pro provide pediatric-specific energy levels.  Electronics in the AED adjust defibrillator energy levels automatically so that suitable doses are delivered accurately, when needed.
  • The AED Plus and AED Pro do not rely on an attenuator in the wires of the pediatric electrodes to reduce delivered energy, ensuring that child patients always receive appropriate, pediatric-specific energy levels.
  • Pedi-padz II are designed with anatomical diagrams on the package to facilitate fast and accurate pad placement.

Price: $108.00

Note: we track the expiration date of pads and batteries and will let you know when they are about to expire.  This is a free service.