Dentist and Dental Office Training

Core Medical is the Tri-State choice for training Dentists and their offices!

Our non-threatening classes motivate students to do something in an emergency and because the classes are meaningful and fun, students pay attention.  When was the last time you could say that about a CPR/AED class?  And we continually hear back from our students how much they liked the classes…see our ‘Testimonials’ below.

We provide Dentists the training necessary to renew their licenses, practice CPR and an opportunity to also train their employees. We keep it simple, fun and quick. 

We teach American Heart Association, American Red Cross and American Safety and Health Institute protocols. 

We’ve trained an 83 year old dentist by himself and 30 Department of Health doctors, nurses, EMTs and dentists at the same time.  We can also tailor our classes to what you want in a training class. We’ve taught students on Long Island, in Dutchess, Rockland and Westchester Counties, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Please call us at 212-873-0105

We also offer:

  • CPR/AED Pro and CPR/AED Community and Workplace (CPR Certifying Courses)
  • First Aid (First Aid Certifying Courses)
  • EPI Pen Training
  • ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)
  • PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)
  • FROST* (First Responder On Scene Training) 
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Wilderness First Aid
  •  Our clients include:

    • Dental and medical offices
    • Religious Institutions
    • Corporate offices and stores
    • Community centers
    • Health clubs and physical therapy offices
    • Private schools
    • Running clubs
    • Pre-schools
    • Baseball and soccer coaches
    • New York City Department of Health personnel
    • School Children
    • Museums
    • Dance/movement spaces
    • Parents and individuals who want to help those around them safe during an emergency

    We pride ourselves on motivating, interesting and fun CPR/AED training; training that makes students feel confidant about using their CPR skills.  We teach “if you see something do something™”  and instill in the students confidence as well as knowledge.  Because of their CoreCPR training, our students are not afraid to act during an emergency.

    Here’s a sample of what Core Students say about our training:

    “Concise, easy to understand, great step-by-step instruction, fun!” 

    “User friendly course and stress free.   Good job, after 20 years–by George, I think it got it.” Dentist.

    This is unquestionably the best CPR course I’ve taken  RN, CPR-Pro course

    “…excellent instructors. The best CPR class I have ever taken. I feel very comfortable & confident with what I learned today.  I would highly recommend.”

    “Our instructor was awesome and funny.  [He] reviewed everything as many times as necessary”.

    “The trainer kept me motivated and interested at all times.  He made me feel more confident.”

    “It didn’t seem slow as these courses sometimes do —I enjoyed taking it.”