About us

CORE Medical Systems LLC

Core Medical Systems LLC was started in 2008 when an understanding of the life saving capability and thus demand for defibrillators began to spread to all corners of the country, from fitness and yachting clubs to dental offices and schools. We offer four major products and service segments in the emergency medical arena; CPR training, medical kits that we sell to boaters medical professionals, corporations, religious institutions to name a few. We sell Defibrillators, and keep track and remind our clients' when their pads and batteries expire for free. Our patented CLAM emergency medication kit is sold to dentists and our data base tracks the expiration dates to remind the doctors when replacements are needed.  

Jon Bloomberg, EMT–B, CEO

Jon Bloomberg was first certified as a New York State Emergency Medical Technician in 1972.  He has PhTLS (PreHospital Trauma Life Support) certification and is a Certified Instructor in AED/CPR/First Aid with the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross and the American Safety and Health Institute and has taught doctors, dentists, EMTs, nurses, school children,  marine and yachting captains, members of the military and laypeople these lifesaving arts. Previously, he owned and operated an ambulance service and consulted with other ambulance services on their operations and finances. He set up non-– emergency ambulance operations in New Orleans, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Philadelphia and Westchester, New York.  He has worked as a Set Medic on a number of movie sets and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Medical Reserve Corps., a division of  the NYC Department of Health/Mental Health.  He is an active EMT and 911 System member through Stanford Rescue Company.  He holds an MBA from the New York University’s Graduate School of Business (Stern).

“My proudest moments are when I hear that one of my students has saved a life.  And it’s happened sixteen times  in the last ten years!–as of March 2019″