EPI Pen Administration

EPI (epinephrine) Pen, EPI Autoinjector and AVIQ EPI injector are just some of the names of this life saving medication.  But how and when to use it?

Our EPI class has been given to 60 teachers at a private school so they can respond appropriately and quickly to anaphylaxis.  With our course they obtain vital information about

  • what signs and symptoms to look for
  • when to give epinephrine
  • what dosage to give
  • what to do afterward
  • what other medications might help
  • and when to call 911

Classes can be given to individuals, offices, corporations or entire schools (teachers and/or students) and include trainer epi pens for practice.

This information can save a life.  Large classes are given by Jon Bloomberg, EMT and Stuart Weiss, MD, CEO of Event Medical Services.

Call 212-873-0105 for rates and to set up a training.