Philips OnSite AED Pads, Batteries & Cases NOW AVAILABLE
Philips OnSite AED Pads, Batteries & Cases NOW AVAILABLE
Philips OnSite AED Pads, Batteries & Cases NOW AVAILABLE

Philips OnSite AED Pads, Batteries & Cases NOW AVAILABLE

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Philips Adult AED Pads are for patients 8 years of age and up or who weigh 55 pounds or more.  They have a shelf life of 2 years and must be replaced when expired.

Philips OnSite Pediatric Pads are for use on patients 8 years of age and under or 55 pounds or less.  The smaller pads fit the smaller pediatric body and can be placed on the body as shown on the face of the pads.

Replacement Instructions:  

  1. Remove new pads from package (do not activate pull ‘PULL’ lever)
  2. Remove old pads by locating and sliding the latch on the top of the unit sideways
  3. Insert new pads cartridge into AED by sliding the bottom end of the cartridge into the recess and then pressing down firmly until the latch clicks into place.
  4. Once installed, the AED will inform you that pads have been inserted and that the unit is ready for use
  5.  If you have any trouble installing pads, please contact us.

Philips Pad Cartridge contains two adhesive electrode pads in a sealed environment.  The seal should not be broken until ready to be used, as this will decrease the life of the pads.  Pads (cartridge) should be replaced every tow years or after use on a patient.

Philips OnSite & FRx Replacement Battery.  Replacement battery has 4-year lifespan and works in Philips HeartStart OnSite, Home and FRx units.  Note that upon replacement, the unit will self- test.  This is normal.  Just follow the instructions (takes about 1 minute).  If you have any problems, please call us and we will help you do it.

Works with Philips Model Nos: M5066A, M5067A, M5068A,

Warranty and Expiration: 4 years

Note: we track the expiration date of these and batteries and will let you know when they are about to expire.  This is a free service.

I recommend that you take the old, expired pads and open them up with others who might use the AED.  That way a rescuer won’t be surprised if they trained on another unit. JJB


std carry case

Philips Standard Carry Case

Has room for a standby OnSite battery and and extra set of AED pads (pediatric or an extra set of adult).

slim case

Philips Slim Carry Case

Included in your Philips OnSite purchase at no cost.

Protects your AED and comes with a pair of EMS shears.  Slightly narrower than the Standard Case (above), this case has room for the AED and a pair of EMS Shears (included).