Standby EMS/SetMedic

CoreEMS provides EMS standby for family parties, corporate events, openings and meetings.  If you have attendees who you feel might be at medical risk, having a fully trained Emergency Medical Technician on standby at the venue will provide emergency first aid, CPR, use of an AED or other medical interventions that could save a life.  911 System Segment 1and 2 times in New York City average about 7 minutes (not including contacting 911 or getting upstairs in your building).  When you have CORE EMS at your event, truly “Help is Down the Hall®.

Core has provided EMTs for EMS standby at the Museum of Arts and Design, the Belleayre Music Festival, the Hampton Horse Show, the ING Marathon, the World Fire and Police Games, dental meetings and clubs.  CoreEMS has also provided Set Medic services for a number of films.

If you are having an event with family, employees or visitors who you feel might be at medical risk (asthma, diabetes, etc.) and might need the immediate aid of a nearby EMT, please contact us at (212) 873-0105.


From a client who hired Core Medical EMS to standby at a business event:

“Even though nothing happened, we felt so much better just having an EMT on site during the party.”

And another who had us stand by during a business party:

“I was glad that you were at our event the other night.  It made us all feel better, just having you there.”

Doctors from a business meeting we standby at:

“Given the event of a couple of years ago (where there was an incident and 911 was slow in arriving), we are so glad your company is there.  You make us all feel a lot more secure.