CONTINUITY PLANNING-how to keep going when circumstances want to slow you down

DISASTER MANAGEMENT at SEA-fire, communications failure, flooding, illness; creating protocols to handle problems at sea

CPR and MEDICAL SAFETY TRAINING-train and keep your crew up to speed with the finest and most complete CPR training available

VESSEL and PERSONAL SAFETY-with the best medical rescue kits available.  Our kits are well planned, complete and can handle almost all emergencies

TRAVELER RESQKIT– Your COMPLETE lifesaving choice for ‘at sea’ medical emergencies.  Click here to access this kit

Whether you are on an inland waterway or lake,  just outside a harbor, on a major sailing race from one country to another,  or far from land, help may take awhile to arrive.  Many yacht owners choose to have Core Medical supply them with the training, knowledge and tools to handle a disaster, incident or medical problem at sea.  This includes providing an automated external defibrillator (AED) and rescue kit that, when needed, are invaluable and can save a life.  Just having medical equipment and the knowledge how to use it, gives passengers, crew and owners peace of mind.

Our disaster training prepares owners, captains and crews to manage emergencies of all kinds.  It gives them a framework within to work and the training to save both the vessel and lives aboard.

Core also teaches CPR/AED and First Aid to owners and crews.  Recently, Core trained the crew of a 100′ yacht in CPR/AED.  We also reviewed safety procedures, did a medical preparedness survey for the yacht, went over their first aid kit and made suggestions as to other items they might stock and supplied them with the emergency medical products.

And, we recently taught First Aid to the captain/owner of a 44′ yacht that was going to take part in a Continental U.S. to Bermuda race.

Our many, many clients in yachting attest to the quality of our products and training.  Please call us at (212) 873-0105 to find out more about how we can help keep you safe while on board.

So, whether you’re far from land or close to shore, be able to handle medical emergencies that may occur with Core Traveler ResQkits, AEDs and CPR/AED and First Aid training from Core.