Range IFAK/Blood Stopper Kit


Core Range IFAK

Core Medical Personal Range IFAK, for shooters, hunters, range and off-road use.


This blood stopper kit, developed with the help of Ken Cooper, well-known firearms instructor, has everything you need to stop a serious bleed.

Designed for the average person or serious adventurer, this kit will stop bleeding in case of a traumatic bleed from gunshot or other wound.  It is easy to carry with you on a belt, in your shooting bag or with you in the woods.


Contents include*:  Core Trauma Kit with QuikClot, 5×9″ ABD Pads, 4×4″, Gloves, Cling Bandage, BZK Wipes; Compression Bandage; CAT Tourniquet: T-Ring Finger Tourniquet (Core is the only one with this item in it’s kits); Sterile Spray; EMS Shears; Waterproof Tape; Eye Wash; Sterile Saline Spray; Elastic Bandage; Rescue Blanket; Tweezers, Small Package of Standard Bandages; 4.1 yds. Compressed Bandage; and Tan Molle Zippered Case. Weight, under 2.5 lbs.


Introductory Price $119; usual price $129  

*Items in kit may vary