Core Trauma Pack-for extreme bleeding

Core_web_056This EMS grade Trauma Pack is for when ‘just a bandaid’ won’t do.  It contains:

  • 1-QuikClot™, a hemostatic clotting agent that quickly helps blood clot and stop bleeding
  • 2-Sterile ABD (5″x9″) pads to put pressure on the bleed
  • 2-Sterile 4″x4″ pads for smaller bleeds.
  • 1-3″ roller bandage to secure above.
  • 3-BZK antiseptic clean-up wipes.
  • 1-Pair gloves for personal protection.
  • 1-Adhesive Tape.
  • All in a sealed pouch which keeps contents clean and ready for use.

Do not attempt to take off QuikClot™ by yourself.  Go to an emergency room or see your doctor.

For larger quantities, please call us at 212-873-0105.

Price: $44.99