Cruiser Emergency Care Kit: Maximum Care-Small Footprint

Core CRUISER: Maximum Care in Minimum Space.  If you thought you needed a big kit to take care of major injuries, think again.  This kit handles a wide variety of emergencies and smaller emergencies in a bag that weighs under 9 lbs.

Core Medical’s new Cruiser Emergency Medical Response Kit has just the items you need to take care of:Core_web_026

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Breaks and Sprains
  • Extreme Bleeding and Trauma
  • First Aid Needs

The Cruiser Emergency Response Kit is small and light enough to fit anywhere on a smaller vessel.  Items/features include:

  • HeartSine 350P Automated External Defibrillator with 10 year warranty, 4-year battery/pad pack. Smallest, lightest, most dust, drop and water resistant AED.
  • Core Medical’s Incredible First Aid Kit
  • Flexible Splint with 2 Triangular Bandages and Wrap
  • Core Medical’s Trauma Pack for Extreme Bleeding
  • Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Israeli Bandage-4″
  • Personal Protection Items: Gloves, Glasses and N95 mask
  • Orange Kemp bag with Star of Life logo measures 8″x18″x8″
  • Has room for your own emergency items
  • Weighs  just 8.5 lbs.
  • FREE SHIPPING within lower 48 States.
Price: $1,750.00